UPDATED: Minecraft 1.2.5 Zombe Mod Install

This is for my friend Ryan.

How to install Zombe Mod V5.8 for Minecraft Version 1.0.0, the easiest way possible.


Start with a fully working version 1.0.0 version of minecraft

Download the file: Zombe v5.8 for Minecraft 1.0.0

UPDATED: Zombe-v6.2-for-Minecraft-1.2.5

And extract everything into;

Windows: C:\Users\**USER**\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft



This ONLY has fly mod enabled, Adjust the “config.txt” in the “/mods/zombe” folder to get more.

You will only need to change your controls for buttons “Q”, “E” & “LEFT SHIFT”, as these are the default fly mod keys.

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Minecraft 1.8.1 Version Downgrade

I’ve tried searching the internet for this and can’t find anything to help. So I decided to do it myself and share it here.


This will work on both MAC and WINDOWS versions of minecraft and basically downgrade it back to version 1.8.1.


All you have to do if copy all the files in the .zip (except the readme) into the minecraft folder.

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