Minecraft 1.8.1 Version Downgrade

I’ve tried searching the internet for this and can’t find anything to help. So I decided to do it myself and share it here.


This will work on both MAC and WINDOWS versions of minecraft and basically downgrade it back to version 1.8.1.


All you have to do if copy all the files in the .zip (except the readme) into the minecraft folder.

The minecraft folder is easy to find on a PC its in the app data folder and on a mac its in the application support folder. Follow the readme for a better description of the location.
Now in the zip i have included both a minecraft.jar and a version file. All you really need is the .jar file BUT the software will still think you have the latest version (wont ask you to update anymore) this might be handy, up to you. So I included the 1.8.1 version file incase you do intend to update eventually, (I’m sure you will).

Download the files here: minecraft1.8.1

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