Scanlation | Editing Part 3

HOW TO edit for a scanlation group (basics) part 3:


This is a step by step guide on the very basics of being an editor for a scanlation group.

5. Cleaning

Here we finally start to get into the interesting stuff. Cleaning is the process where you remove all the Japanese from the manga. It is up to you if you want to remove SFX or not, my preference is to remove what I can and replace with the English alternative in a similar font and style.

Before we begin it is a good idea to make a copy of the RAW image layer, lock the layer and switch it off.

You can do this easily by selecting the image layer, selecting all (Ctrl + A), Copying (Ctrl + C), Pasting (Ctrl + V), Then see below for the “LOCK” and “HIDE” buttons in the layer window.

We will use this later when typesetting as a guide for what fonts to use.


Now select the main layer, probably “Layer 0” or “Background” get out the brush tool (shortcut key “b”) right click on the image or use the menu at the top of the page and select your brush size and settings, similar to below.

Now make sure you have the colour white selected (#ffffff) if you’re cleaning white, and black selected (#000000) if you’re cleaning black! This sounds silly but if your white is a little off like (#fffff1) your readers will notice it and it puts all your hard work to shame.


Now go nuts, you may need to adjust the brush size midway through cleaning, you can easily do this with the “[” and “]” keys.


To clean SFX there are MANY MANY different ways to do this and I will not go into them. I strongly recommend the Content Aware Filling which comes with CS5 and CS6, Basically just use the “Lasso Tool” and select the text you want to remove and press “SHIFT + BACKSPACE” This will bring up a small dialogue box, select Content-Aware and press “OK” PS will then try to recreate what it thinks should be there.

Its not always perfect but with a tiny bit more help you can get a perfect clean.

With a combination of this, the Clone Stamp Tool and the Brush tool you can clean almost anything. And with experience you will learn more and get faster.

You should now have a clean page like mine.

See part 4 (HERE)

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    1. Uninstall Gimp and get CS5 or 6…

      haha no sorry, I have never used Gimp. If you have pattens on the background use something like the clone tool. Otherwise you are really just stick with the brush tool.
      Good luck, sorry I can’t really help.

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