Scanlation | Editing Part 4

HOW TO edit for a scanlation group (basics) part 4:


This is a step by step guide on the very basics of being an editor for a scanlation group.

5. Typesetting

This is the process of adding the text into the image. Sounds simple enough right…


for general speech text I use the AnimeAce2.0BB Font with the following settings.

typesetting settings photoshopThe size will change depending on your res and required use.

I prefer to use the text box insert method, so with the text tool selected (shortcut key “t”) create a box big enough to fit all the text in. see the image below.

Inserting TextMake sure the text is set to “Centered” unless otherwise required. And be sure to center the text in the bubble and adjust it so it is nice and easy to read for the readers.

Poorly laid out text can not only look bad but makes it harder for the reader to read.

Sometimes the text may require a little extra formatting like adding a black outline(stroke) or some shadow(drop shadow). To access these extra text options right click on the text layer and select “Blending Options”

Blending Options

This will pop up a small box where you can add almost anything to your text. For this example I will only cover stroke and drop shadow. But all the options are pretty self explaining.

To get a nice black outline click on the “Stroke” checkbox and enter settings similar to below.

And to add a thick shadow select the “Drop Shadow” option and see my settings below.

You should now have something similar to this.

The font I used for this is Comicka a great font for yelling.


If you have made the correct decision to do SFX then this is the fun part.

SFX are fun because you get to play around with crazy fonts and blending options, and really just go crazy.

Warping text is a great way to bend the text into the crazy shaped you always see in comics and anime.

With the text tool selected and the text layer you want to edit selected see to the top of the page for the “Warp Text” button

Click this and you have a few options to fold and bend the text around, I am just doing a simple arc. See my settings below.

Using this and the same techniques as above in the blending options window you can create some really awesome SFX you just need to have a big selection of fonts.

I have made a quick guide for anyone new to fonts with a few examples.


We should now have a fully typeset page similar to mine.

See the final Part 5 (Click Here)

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