Scanlation | Editing Part 5 (Final)

HOW TO edit for a scanlation group (basics) final part 5:

This is a step by step guide on the very basics of being an editor for a scanlation group.

You should start at Part 1 Click Here.


6. Saving

This is the process of saving the images ready for online distribution.


Once you have completed all the editing you need to save the images to a format for the readers to view.

I recommend PNG for black and white images and JPEG for colour images.

For PNG you should use the “Save for Web” function under the “File” menu for the best results.

save for web

Then choose PNG8 and Perceptual, similar to below.

For colour images just use the standard File>SaveAs option and save as a JPEG

And set the quality to 10.


And that’s it. you can now save the files one by one which is great. But its alot faster to create an action for this so you can do every page with only a few clicks, But I will get to that later.


I hope this guide has been useful, thanks for reading!

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