Scanlation | Extras: Image Processor

HOW TO edit for a scanlation group (basics) EXTRAS!

This is a step by step guide on the very basics of being an editor for a scanlation group.

You should start at Part 1 Click Here.


7. Actions

Actions are basically automatic functions in photoshop. They will save you HOURS!


The first action I will show is to import all the jpg’s into PS automatically, Basically creating a .psd file for all your raw images automatically. Its probably the easiest action and one of the most useful.

To start put all your RAW images into a new clean folder and make sure they are all named how you want your PSD’s named.

Open Photoshop with no drawings open and go to File > Scripts > Image Processor



This will open the Image Processor form, everything here is pretty self-explanatory, See my settings below,


Basically you select the folder which has the RAW images, Then select another folder where you want the PSD’s to be saved and select the file types.

Click “RUN” and the program will run through and open all the images and save them as PSD’s automatically.


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